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About Camden Cyclists

Describes our aims, our plans for the next year, some recent achievements, the roles of our committee members, and what we do. Includes publicity material and some information about our website.

Activities and aims of Camden Cyclists

We campaign to get more people cycling, better facilities for them and more members to support the campaign See link for details. 

Plans for August 2013 - 2014

We have agreed on two major issues to focus on:

Quiet Zones


Upgrade to Tavistock Place cycle route


Plans for August 2012 - 2013

major activity sub activity coordinator target achievements in current year
Local campaigning Infrastructure improvements Jean Propose 3 new projects  West Hampstead permeability project and Royal College Street completed
Inspection rides Meade 3 inspection rides Audits of West Hampstead and RCS
Attendance at Fairs Stefano Attend 4 local fairs Green fair, ...
Active membership      via monthly mail outs, collecting names at rides/fairs
Big Projects Kings Cross Jean Watch TfL's proposal We criticised TfL's proposal for short term measures
Swiss Cottage Stefano Watch TfL's proposal This has been twice through junction review but nothing agreed
Euston Circus Jean/Alex Follow up proposal presented to TfL and LCC and modelling carried out by TfL
Social Activities Cycle maintenance workshops George/Ruth Monthly workshop Held every month and very popular
Invited speakers
4-5 speakers  
Rides John 6 with some variety  peripherique, 2 in parks, Lea Valley, Bedfordshire and ride from Sidings
External links LCC
Stefano Support main campaigns  HGV campaign
Environmental Groups Alex S One joint activity  
Living streets Stefano One joint activity  
School liaison Angela Devise a plan  plan made
Community Centres Geoff Two joint activities  with Sidings
University liaison   Approach Central St Martins  

Summary of recent achievements 

Infrastructure improvements

Two major area-based permeability schemes were completed during the last year

Permeability Kings Cross             Permeability Fitzrovia

in addition, two-way cycling was introduced in Plender Street (a part of the local east-west route). 

Since Russell Square became two-way, the SSL relief route is now complete apart from the crossing of Tottenham Court Road westbound, we should aim to get it signed as soon as possible.

Inspection Rides 

We have carried out six of these rides since June 2011:

We had stalls at the following fairs

Inkerman/Alma Street Fair, London Green Fair,    Cyclists Breakfast, Primrose Hill Fair, Hampstead Heath Cycle Safety and Security Event

We also participated with CLL in collecting signatures for the Go Dutch petition

Major projects

Euston Circus proposal

Social activities

Cycle maintenance workshops: courses at Velorution last Autumn and more recently the monthly  Kentish Town Bike Worshops

Speakers: Christian Wolmar, Helen Pidd at AGM

Rides: James Orbital and Parks, John to River Lee, Peripherique, George to Shuttleworth

External links

LCC supporting Go Dutch campaign, Big Ride

Joint activities with FoE (air quality summit meeting and hustings)

Attendance at freshers fair at Institute of education

Interaction with LB Camden 

CCC together with Cllr Paul Braithwaite have four meetings a year with a group of Camden Officers to discuss how cycling issues can be incorporated into local area schemes currently being planned and how well they are addressed in built schemes. See the minutes of these meetings.  We also attempt to reply to all of Camden's traffic management consultations.

Committee members

Camden Cycling Campaign's committee, together with the joint coordinators, are responsible for deciding on the directions for the campaign and welcome input from members.

Minutes and Reports

All of our monthly meetings are minuted. In addition, we write reports from time to time.

Look here for minutes and reports

Information booklets available from LCC

List of leaflets


CCC's constitution. This constitution was adopted at our AGM 0n 10th April 2006.

Publicity Material

Access to our logos and examples of posters, flyers and brochure.

This needs bringing up to date since change of logo and plans for new posters.

How our website was built

Index to technical details about the site

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