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CRISPs affecting routes in Camden and nearby

CRISP stands for Cycle Route Inspection and Stakeholder Plan. This is a process deisgned by Transport for London for improving roads so as to produce a network of cycle routes called LCN+.

You can access the CRISP datasheets from the LCN+ website. That's in case any of our links below are broken.

CCC has participated in the following CRISPs affecting routes in Camden.

Link 27: Highgate Village to Tottenham Court Road station

Work started in October 2006. Almost all work is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2009. Background, route, discussion, work schedule

Link 28: the north-south route from Cliff Road to Great Queen Street

The route was already agreed; the CRISP report recommended improvements for safety and for bringing the route up to standard. Map, questionnaire and discussion, work following CRISP

The most important safety aspect is a re-design of the junction of Agar Grove/St Pancras Way/Baynes Street, which was consulted on in Summer 2008. The work on the entire route is scheduled in 2007-9.

Link 26 and Link 31

Link 26: Avenue Road, Swiss Cottage and then following the zig-zag route on the east of Finchley Road to the Barnet border.

Link 31 (access to Kilburn High Road) Response to questionnaire returned October 31. Pre-CRIM report 15.03.07. CRIM 28.03.07. Meeting with TfL at Swiss Cottage August 2007. Draft CRISP Report Nov 15 2007. Meeting to discuss Draft CRISP Report 19.12.2007. Links 26 and 31 details.

Link 29 (from St Pancras way to Copenhagen Street) Map , response to questionnaire, report, alignment.. CRIM June 2007. Draft Report Dec 2007. Ian Murdoch writes report on CRIM then leaves. Steve Cardno writes Final Report Dec 2008.

Link 30 (Seven Stations Link (Camden section of Stations Circular) Discussion -questionnaire March 2008CRIM June 2008, Draft CRISP Report November 2008..

Link 50 (Route 39) Discussion questionnaire June 2008, CRIM Nov 2008..

Camden Local Route

Map, initial comments.. To be discussed by members.

Camden Green CRISP

Map and response to questionnaire

Report by Rik Andrew and Jean Dollimore

CRISP Report

CRISPs on LCN+ routes in Westminster

Links 235 and 242 (Westminster sections of Routes 6 and 6a)

Map, response to questionnaire and report on CRIM

Link 237 (Westminster section of Route 44)

Response to questionnaire

CRISPs on TfL roads near Camden

CCC has participated in the following CRISPS:

A201 Farringdon Road

Information on A201 CRISP.

A501 (Pentonville/City Rd)

Information on A501 CRISP.

A503 (Camden road, Seven Sisters Road and further east)

Information on A503 CRISP.

Route 5 (from Kilburn High Road to Burnt Oak)

Information on Route5 CRISP.

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